Faith Outreach Chapel

Are you PERFECT?

Us Neither!!

If you're looking for a church that does NOT attract perfect people PLEASE consider our church. Our Sunday services start at 10am.

Casual dress is PERFECT!

Senior Pastor John W. Carver Jr.

John W. Carver, Jr.
Senior Pastor

Faith Outreach Archive

"The healing movements in the United States from the 1950's until the present were formative for the development of Christianity outside North America and Europe . . . . Carver's collection is one of the best collections in the world of material documenting the healing movements."

John Carver Ministries
1713 Rittenhouse Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21227

Faith Outreach Chapel

Our church is focused on helping "regular folks" (like all of us) realize WHY they were born in the first place, to encourage those who are struggling in life's JOURNEY and provide ANSWERS to life's challenges. . .